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  1. Art Photography - All of Oenita’s prints are signed *Giclée prints on 100% cotton rag paper. Some are signed open edition prints but, most are limited edition prints that are numbered up to fifty, meaning the image is retired/destroyed and will no longer be available after the initial 50 prints and artist proofs have been sold. Each comes with its own certificate of authenticity, stating the number, title, and size of the print; along with a miniature image of the limited edition. Each certificate is hand signed and dated by Oenita.

  2. Green Art - Using her handmade paper, made from dryer lint, Oenita has created primitive-style oil paintings shown within this portfolio. Her thoughts/quotes are placed between each image. Oenita will be offering an inspirational book, posters, and greeting cards this fall, 2010. If you would like to be notified when these are available, please send your request to: info@oenita.com.

  3. Oils on Canvas - Oenita’s portfolio contains a variety of her styles. She enjoys creating as the spirit leads her. She feels that she is guided to their completion and is as likely to create an abstract as she is a realistic painting.

  4. Music Video - Oenita has created this video using various nature images she has photographed, along with music she wrote, and played using a song flute.

  5. Relaxation DVD - This “Petals & Moss” DVD was created by Oenita, using nature sounds that she mixed and more than 200 close-up images of flora & fauna that she captured in photographs. 

Thank you!
May you find these creations inspirational and soothing to your soul.

*Giclée -
Fine art prints
by the artist
using superior
inkjet inks
and papers.



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Flute to Yahweh